proPilot platform

Know more, decide faster

Plan, execute and vizualize all your intiatives
with speed, simplicity, scalability and security

proPilot's main features

Digitalize any initiative in record time

Make decisions faster

Keep all of your initiatives on track with a clear view on progress at all times.
Prioritise, monitor and fund your initiatives, communicate a single version of the plan to every stakeholder, collect qualitative and quantitative information, identify risks and discrepancies to adapt in real-time.

Cascade your strategy across your organisation

Keep your entire organisation on the same page and ensure alignment across the business. proPilot will adapt to the structure of your organisation and will give access to a restricted number of users. Keep your staff engaged with one version of the plan and share a dynamically updated strategy with every stakeholder. Create capacity for innovation and transformation.

Configure and adapt your initiative in seconds

Thanks to an interface 100% no-code, you can configure levels, information types, indicators and dashboards with dedicated modules. Integrate your entire initiative structure thanks to a dedicated massive import with automated data quality checks. The configuration is scalable in an agile way throughout the lifecycle of your initiative.

Collecting and updating data

has never been that simple

Go Beyond

Effortlessly collect in real-time qualitative information such as comments, weather, KPIs, trends…
to put your staff at the center of strategy execution. Collect indicators to track actuals and forecast against the plan.
Identify discrepancies and adjust goals.

Take the best decision

thanks to amazing integrated dashboards

proPilot's main features

Enjoy compelling and clear dashboards to know how your initiatives are performing in real-time.
proPilot is your single source of truth in every transformation intiative.
Highlight your progress, the risks, and showcase the consistency between your strategy and its execution.
Automatically customise the dashboard of each user through the access rights you grant them.

Boost your PMO value with automations

Make decisions faster

Boost efficiency and support strategy execution by in an ever changing environment and enable your PMO to create more value. Eliminate administrative and manual data collection and consolidation tasks.
Automate everything and gain time !

Which proPilot platform suits you ? cloud solution

Accessible in a click, the cloud solution allows you to take full control of your initiatives right away. Take advantage of a dedicated workspace for your organisation hosted on a secure Private Cloud infrastructure located inside Europe.

proPilot enterprise

proPilot enterprise allows you to install your proPilot platform in the environment of your choice with all of your security criteria. A dedicated team of application and infrastructure experts will support you during the implementation.

A powerful platform.

Enhanced with the data connection module.

Need to cross-reference your data? Connect proPilot with the tools you use every day

power bi
toucan toco
ms projects
all data plugin

Ensure data security and auditability

An audit visual showing data collection, analysis, and reporting with the proPilot platform.

Meeting the highest security standards, your proPilot platform is usable in the banking, healthcare, public or defence sectors.

Track change logs and audit your initiatives with advanced action tracking features for users and administrators, giving you peace of mind and control over your data.

proPilot use accessibility and sustainability guidelines

Developed with sustainability and accessibility in mind

Performance management and resource optimisation is a constant concern. proPilot is SIT Label-certified and integrate Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.


You won’t imagine working without proPilot anymore!

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