Sustainability Compliance

Comply with CSRD – ESG frameworks with less costs and efforts.
Stay flexible.

To comply, you need to assess and report on the double materiality of ESG impact and financial impact.
Metrics, targets, impacts : all the information you disclose needs to be accurate and complete.
You want this to be effortless, while retaining the flexibility needed to adapt to a changing context.

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The CSRD is a data transparency directive. Complying with it could be simpler.

There are dozen of CSRD reporting software packages available. But each one is another specialized, narrow platform to manage…
and will lack the flexibility you need over time, for example, to adapt your framework.
You can make another choice.

Identify the key quantitative and qualitative indicators on which you will report and act.
In the framework best suited to your needs.

Based on the expectations of your key stakeholders, choose the indicators you want not only to report, but also to influence the most. Then choose the most appropriate framework. Based on this choice and the structure of your organization, configure proPilot.

Make decisions faster

Quickly identify weak signals and transform them into reliable information for sustainable reporting and action.

By focusing on trends and their evolution, proPilot helps you transform weak signals coming directly from the field into reliable, structured data for action. This is made possible by the summary dashboards you’ll build to assess the evolution of key indicators.

Everything happens effortlessly in a single and flexible environment that adapts your sustainability strategy.

proPilot fully automates the collection, consolidation and visualization of key metrics, targets, initiatives and impacts. On a single platform, for all your reporting, forecasting and initiative monitoring needs. And making changes has never been easier.

Go Beyond

proPilot is a very efficient environment


reduction of monthly administrative time to update progress


minutes per month for a contributor to update ESG status


weeks to deploy proPilot in your organization


percentage of contributors updating the status on time

To comply with new sustainability requirements, experts agree on the main challenges to be met… which are all criteria for choosing proPilot.

  • Due to the absence of a harmonized sustainability reporting framework, you will need to make your own choices. Knowing that some areas of the EU guidance remain vague and that Member States may want to build onto it.
  • Design a continuous process to identify what matters to stakeholders.
  • Within the same group, align on data-gathering parameters.
  • Build an audit-ready reporting process.

A powerful platform.

Enhanced with the data connection module.

Need to cross-reference your data? Connect proPilot with the tools you use every day

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You won’t imagine working without proPilot anymore!

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