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Operational Excellence

Break down silos
and get to the essentials, faster

Every team aims to create certain value. But no team should be an island.
You want to highlight at all levels, in a simple and transparent manner, the value that is being created… or not.

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Achieve your goals differently, more easily.

To achieve our objectives, we each need others to create synergies, both within and outside our organization. Tools and means of communication are plentiful, to the point that sometimes we don’t know which one to use… proPilot offers a unique environment to capture the essential elements. Quickly and efficiently.

Identify the essential qualitative and quantitative elements.

You need essential information that does not all come from your management systems (CRM, ERP, accounting, …). Provide those who hold this information with a very clear and intuitive environment to precisely answer your questions.

Make decisions faster

Share these data quickly, transparently, and across the organization. And identify the weak signals.

By focusing on trends and their evolution, proPilot helps you turn sometimes weak signals from the field into reliable and structured data for action. This is thanks to dedicated dashboards.

Make decisions faster

Collect, consolidate, visualize, and use these critical pieces of information in real time, unfiltered. And without effort.

proPilot collects information effortlessly, without filters. Collection, consolidation, visualization, and comparison? All this is automatically done according to the structure you choose. Not only will your data be reliable, but obtaining it will have cost you much less time and effort.

Go Beyond

Figures that will make you choose proPilot


reduction in administrative time to update progress and follow-up


minutes of ‘self-onboarding’ to learn how to use proPilot


weeks, including kick-off, to deploy proPilot and track your operational excellence


of unprofitable projects since the margin is calculated in real-time for each client

Leaders of operational excellence share how proPilot has changed their organization

Axelle Braun
Data Coordination Unit Manager, CHU Brugmann, Belgium
Data Manager at the Hospital Crisis Unit.

« proPilot allows the collection of metrics that the crisis unit or the services themselves can update. “For example, a service that could theoretically accommodate 14 people might now only be able to host half of that number due to logistical constraints. All these data are aggregated to create a kind of control cockpit. The goal is to always have a real-time 360-degree view of the hospital’s status and capacity in terms of beds, patients, and staff. »

A powerful platform.

Enhanced with the data connection module.

Need to cross-reference your data? Connect proPilot with the tools you use every day

power bi
toucan toco
ms projects
all data plugin

You won’t imagine working without proPilot anymore!

Get in touch with our experts and start agile alignment of strategies and achievements.

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