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Activate the value creation of your initiatives from the very beginning.

Closely monitoring the reality of cost synergies and revenue leverage effects is not straightforward.

Tracking them over several years requires a structured framework to capture, in a standardized manner, the various value creations that the portfolio will need to generate.

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Synergy or leverage metrics cannot be calculated ex-post; they need to be established from the outset of the initiative definition

Simply define synergy or leverage metrics, financial, human, and business impacts in a multi-tiered plan shared by all and continuously updated.

Cost synergy metrics and revenue leverage simply coexist with one-off cost indicators as well as impacts on FTEs. You can precisely track what is defined as a priority to meet your objectives.

Make decisions faster
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Implement a solution to integrate the value generation matrix and track achievements in just a few minutes per month and less than 15 minutes per quarter for your teams.

The steering committees now have a structured view of the initiative while ensuring a high level of quality by combining completeness and verification of updates. You are well-informed to identify risks and opportunities while sharing best practices to strengthen the impact of achievements.

Visualize in real-time the execution gaps, which are opportunities to do better or stop insufficiently contributory parts while reallocating the saved resources in real-time.

Strengthen the components delivering the most synergies through high-frequency steering that informs you of the alignment or deviation of the roadmap from the objectives. Each review becomes an opportunity to proactively adjust resources to accelerate the achievement of final goals.


The figures that will make you adopt proPilot


It is the exceeding of cost synergies and revenue levers that we have implemented in a post-merger and acquisition program.


It is the exceeding in billions of euros of ‘net cost savings’ synergies that we have agreed upon in a simplification & efficiency program


Reducing administrative time for updating monthly and quarterly progress.


FTEs to track the progress of up to 28 programs concurrently.

Leaders of transformation sharing how ProPilot has changed their organization.

Hervé Gouëzel
Hervé Gouëzel
Head of “Mission du Rapprochement BNP Paribas & Fortis” (2009-2012)
Head of “Simple and Efficient” (2013-2015)

« The solutions provided by the Corporate PMO (cPMO) have allowed us to maintain control of our plan at all times, ensuring the collection of progress, feeding into steering and governance, updating the roadmap, and communicating to all involved parties, all in near real-time. In the end, we were able to far exceed our initial objectives. »

A powerful platform.

Enhanced with the data connection module.

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You won’t imagine working without proPilot anymore!

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