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Unlocking success: Insights from BNP Paribas’s transformation journey

In large organisations such as BNP Paribas, there are several global transformation programmes underway at
any one time. These cross-functional projects are usually interdependent in terms of priorities and resources. Taskforce charters, workgroup charters, programme & project charters are all deliverables that must fit together perfectly without containing details that are not essential for follow-up.

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increase in savings compared with initial final synergy targets.


of projects are updated in less than 30 seconds per month.

The solution enabled us to keep control of our plan at all times, by ensuring that progress was collected, fed into the steering and governance systems, the roadmap was updated and all the parties involved were informed, all in almost real time. In the end, we far exceeded our initial objectives.
Hervé Gouëzel, Executive Transformation Officer BNP Paribas

Unlocking success: Insights from BNP Paribas’s transformation journey

Since 2008, dFakto has been supporting BNP Paribas in the operational efficiency of their cross-functional initiatives, in particular by enabling the Group to:

  • Offer standardised services for managing cross-functional initiatives through a dedicated team

  • Support all these initiatives with a dedicated technological platform comprising a steering solution,
    proPilot, and an administrative management tool for governance-related activities

  • Achieve better results than initially expected or stop certain initiatives early on in order to preserve
    resources and reallocate them more effectively

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