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Strategic transformation management

Exceed your ambitious
value-creation objectives

Transforming an organization requires the simultaneous management of dozens or even hundreds of projects.
Quickly stopping projects that are not creating the expected value, and quickly reallocating resources to new projects.
Allows to meet or even exceed initial objectives.

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On the basis of reliable key information, anticipate

The information is partial, comes to you slowly and is not always reliable.
To remedy this, proPilot allows you to deploy a structured approach.

Identify critical indicators, precursors to your performance: quantitative and qualitative ones.

To decide whether to continue or accelerate change, the essential information won’t be available until much later in your systems. It is first and foremost at the heart of your teams, who know the facts and have their own ideas about how they might evolve.

Make decisions faster

Quickly identify weak signals and transform them into reliable information.

By focusing on trends and their evolution, proPilot helps you transform weak signals coming directly from the field into reliable, structured data for action. This is made possible by the summary dashboards you’ll build to assess the evolution of targeted value creation.

Make decisions faster

Collect, consolidate and implement changes quickly with short workflows.

proPilot fully automates change management and validation/reject, providing you with a global plan that’s updated in real time. On a single platform, for all your initiatives.

Go Beyond

The numbers that will make you adopt proPilot


reduction of monthly administrative time to update progress


It is the surpassing of the initial objective in a cost-cutting project


weeks to deploy proPilot in your organization


projects that provide their progress information every month

Leaders of Transformation share how proPilot has changed their organization

Hervé Gouëzel
Hervé Gouëzel
Head of “Mission du Rapprochement BNP Paribas & Fortis” (2009-2012)
Head of “Simple and Efficient” (2013-2015)

« The solutions from the Corporate PMO (cPMO) have allowed us to maintain control of our plan at all times, by ensuring the collection of progress, feeding into management and governance, updating the roadmap, and communicating to all involved parties, all in near real-time.

In the end, we were able to far exceed our initial objectives. »

Sander Muyl
Sander Muyl
Head of Transformation Office Crelan

« The proPilot solution enabled Crelan’s Integration Management Office (IMO), supported by Bain Consulting, to digitize the Master Plan to monitor progress and create synergies in order to meet the financial and legal requirements prior to the merger acquisition. »

A powerful platform.

Enhanced with the data connection module.

Need to cross-reference your data? Connect proPilot with the tools you use every day

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toucan toco
ms projects
all data plugin

You won’t imagine working without proPilot anymore!

Get in touch with our experts and start agile alignment of strategies and achievements.

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