Our tips for effectively digitizing your transformation plan with proPilot

At each stage of its implementation, the digitalization of a transformation plan presents many challenges. Discover how to overcome them with proPilot!

In an increasingly digital world, digital transformation has become a reality for businesses of all sizes. However, at different stages of its implementation, the digitalization of a transformation plan always poses various challenges:

  • How to reconcile your strategy with the structure of your organization?
  • How to ensure the coherence of the plan and stimulate the engagement of both executives and operational teams?
  • How to ensure the smooth flow of key information within your organization?
  • How to measure the progress of the plan and identify difficulties as quickly as possible?
  • How to track and visualize the performance of initiatives in real-time?

A tool like proPilot helps you streamline the transformation process. In this article, we explore how to use proPilot to effectively digitize your transformation plan.

Our tips for effectively digitizing your transformation plan with proPilot

proPilot in a nutshell

Before delving into the details of digitizing your transformation plan with proPilot, it’s important to understand what proPilot is and how it works.

proPilot is a data-driven strategic management tool. It enables organizations to track and manage their strategic and operational initiatives. It provides a real-time view of organizational performance, allowing leaders to make informed decisions based on quality data. It is a flexible platform, fully configurable with no code, to meet the specific needs of your structure.

For example, proPilot allows you to effortlessly and in real-time collect qualitative information such as comments, weather updates, trends, as well as indicators to track achievements compared to the planned objectives. The tool also enables you to visualize your metrics in a consolidated form and as simple charts tailored to your needs.

Start configuring your proPilot.

The first step to digitize your transformation plan with proPilot is to configure the tool to meet the specific needs of your business.

Initially, you create an environment and workspaces. Each workspace is configured to reflect the structure of your organization and to track information, KPIs, and indicators specific to each level, allowing decentralized collection.

Configuration is a crucial step that determines how data will be organized and managed in proPilot. A workspace is a representation of your organization or a part of it that must reflect the structure and specific processes of your company. You can create different levels that represent the hierarchical or organizational links of your business environment. Subsequently, you can create entities for different departments, projects, or strategic initiatives. The structure of proPilot adapts to the reality of your organization, and you do not have to adapt to the tool.

proPilot also allows you to customize the visual identity to align with your organization’s branding. You define colors, logos, and icons that match your brand, reinforcing user engagement and your company’s identity.

Bring your strategy to life

When configuring proPilot, you realign your strategic or operational axes with the structure of your organization. Program managers can visualize their projects, and you can integrate tags to consolidate strategic axes transversely. From then on, you have all the metrics needed to monitor achievements against the plan, in the right place in your organization, wherever they need to be collected. Moreover, the tool allows you to track qualitative information (weather, trends, comments, etc.), providing valuable context to illustrate achievements.

In proPilot, you can also know the status of your initiatives by configuring specific life cycles at each level. It is possible to precisely configure the transition from one status to another and implement upstream controls. Thus, you define and effectively track the life cycle of your strategic initiatives.

Finally, you can precisely define roles and individuals in charge of each initiative, ensuring clear accountability and effective task management. You can also configure reminder emails to be sent to those responsible for updating data.

Track your strategy: visualize performance and identify critical points.

Your strategy is now in place, and your teams use the tool daily. The goal is now to track the progress of the plan based on the information provided.

proPilot allows you to simply and quickly visualize performance. You can create dashboards to display the progression of selected KPIs, either decentralized by initiative or consolidated at higher levels. These dashboards can be made available to all relevant users, adapting automatically to each one’s scope.

The management solution also provides a comprehensive view of qualitative information at a higher level. Information tables allow you to track the completeness and freshness of your data in real-time at the highest level. You can easily identify initiatives where information is missing, obsolete, or anomalous and escalate anomalies to responsible individuals.

proPilot also has a powerful feature for automatically generating the master plan in Excel: depending on your needs, you can export all quantitative and qualitative data from your scope at any time for analysis in third-party systems. The tool also integrates with your dedicated reporting solutions through a dedicated data module.

Ensure effective communication by reconnecting your organization with proPilot.

proPilot facilitates effective communication within your organization. Performance information can be easily shared at all levels of the organization, ensuring that all team members are on the same page. This aspect is essential for ensuring alignment throughout the organization and facilitating collaboration.

proPilot also integrates into your business ecosystem through a data module. It is possible to cross-reference strategic tracking information with information present in your organization’s operational systems to avoid double data entry. Data can be made available to your business visualization solutions (Tableau, PowerBI, ToucanToco…) through a structured dataset presenting a “single version of the truth.”


As you can see, proPilot is more than an option for any company looking to digitize its transformation plan. With its flexibility and robust features, it strongly contributes to simplifying the transformation process, improving performance monitoring, and facilitating communication within the organization. With proPilot, digital transformation is no longer an insurmountable challenge but an opportunity for growth and innovation.

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