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Data-driven public action: how to move from observation to action?

Data-driven strategic planning is no longer an option for local authorities. Faced with increasing flows of information to collect, process and exploit, organizations no longer have a choice: They must move away from time-consuming, error-prone manual management to automated, intelligent data management


of public officials do not have a dedicated instance for monitoring management tools


of local authorities do not identify or do not sufficiently understand the challenges of data

A tool like proPilot is positioned as a facilitator of data visualization and a gas pedal of structuring projects for the public sector. Thanks to this technological foundation, local authorities will be able to mature and develop new data-driven services. And it’s only once we’re in a position to better pilot public policies through data, that we can consider how citizen services can be delivered differently.

Etienne Grass, Executive Director Capgemini Invent France

Data-driven public action: how to move from observation to action?

The ultimate aim of data-driven strategic planning is to make life easier for citizens, through ever more effective public policies that are in touch with reality. It’s an essential step if they are to meet the triple challenge they face today:

  • Strengthening social ties with citizens in a context of multiple crises

  • Responding to current societal challenges and new user expectations (energy transition, smart cities, sustainable development, etc.)

  • Ensure sound management of public finances and greater transparency in public action

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