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Strategic management of public action

Maximize the impact
of your public policies

Every public policy aims to have a tangible impact on citizens. Some reforms will be more effective than others. Which ones? How can we strengthen those that work and adapt others to generate a positive impact?

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Follow progress and measure impacts closely

A public policy consists of dozens, if not hundreds, of measures and reforms. As a public action official, you aim to understand as closely as possible from the citizens’ reality how these initiatives are implemented and their effects. proPilot offers a unique environment to capture all of this. Without delay and effortlessly.

Measure the essential elements, both quantitative and qualitative. Successes, delays, and perceptions of the future.

You need essential information that your traditional systems and communication channels do not provide today. Information about what has been done, what is about to be done, and also an evaluation of trends. Numbers, risks, and successes.

Make decisions faster

Quickly identify weak signals and turn them into reliable information.

proPilot is a unique interface for your teams, public action actors, and all your partners. Your goal is to also capture the weak signals directly from the field and transform them into reliable data. The ones you expect.

Make decisions faster

Collect, consolidate, visualize, and use these critical information in real time, unfiltered. And without effort.

proPilot collects information effortlessly, without filters. Collection, consolidation, and measurement of public policies are centralized to align political command and achievements. Not only will your data be reliable, but obtaining it will have reduced the administrative workload.

Go Beyond

Figures that will make you adopt proPilot


weeks to deploy a Government’s Priority Policies plan


days after the end of the month to have all the progress data updated


members of public administrations connected to proPilot in less than 3 weeks


of initiatives in departments and regions that update every month

Public action officials share how proPilot has changed their organization

Bruno Parent
Bruno Parent
Secretary-General in Charge of the Recovery Plan
Ministry of the Economy, Finance, and Recovery – France

« We chose proPilot, a solution well-known within the Government that has proven its efficiency and effectiveness. We were able to make the plan available to ministries and sub-prefects for the Recovery in a few weeks.

We were able to follow, month after month, the evolution of the plan and our commitment across the territory while animating the community in charge of the recovery. »

Fabienne Larose
Fabienne Larose
Financial Information System and Data Manager,
General Secretariat for Investment, Prime Minister – France.

« proPilot continuously ensures the evaluation of public investments. It allows for the medium and long-term assessment of all costs and benefits of projects. The evaluation ensures that the observed effects of an investment are consistent with those expected.

If the trajectory deviates from the one that will achieve the set target by the planned horizon, corrective measures can be implemented without waiting for the investment to end. This evaluation is called in itinere. »

A powerful platform.

Enhanced with the data connection module.

Need to cross-reference your data? Connect proPilot with the tools you use every day

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all data plugin

You won’t imagine working without proPilot anymore!

Get in touch with our experts and start agile alignment of strategies and achievements.

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